Trying to Figure Out the New XBRL

XBRL Changed XBRL has undergone and is undergoing some changes. Some filers have already needed to change their filings and others will have to soon. Here is the excerpt. XBRL Change This has broken many of the existing parsers for new filings. It is time to find a way around this. I have seen links for scraping them from Yahoo! Finance but that is not really what I want.

Scraping the NFL Salary Cap Data with Python and R

The NFL Data [SporTrac](] has a wonderful array of financial data on sports. A student going to work for the Seattle Seahawks wanted the NFL salary cap data and I also found data on the English Premier League there. Now I have a source to scrape the data from. With a source in hand, the key tool is the SelectorGadget. SelectorGadget is a browser add-in for Chrome that allows us to select text and identify the css or xpath selector to scrape the data.