Tribute to Griffin Park

Ode to Griffin Park Griffin Park’s famous four corners make it the only football ground in England with four pubs on the four corners surrounding the ground. Here’s a link to the curated twitter thread . In the Beginning The Griffin To the Brook The Brook Sussex Best at the Brook The Garden Up New Road The New Road Gate at Griffin Park The New Inn Doom Bar Rules on the Main – Ealing – Road The Arsenal Game The Princess Royal London Pride Auba To my seat Great Seat – Pitch Side Eaves Really isn’t Good Tied at Half Final: 1-1 Queueing for the Tubes My Signed Momento

Longitudinal Panel Data R Packages

Longitudinal and Panel Data Analysis in R Goal: A CRAN task view for panel/longitudinal data analysis in R. What is Panel Data? Panel data are variously called longitudinal, panel, cross-sectional time series, and pooled time series data. The most precise definition is two-dimensional data; invariably one of the dimensions is time. We can think about a general depiction of what a model with linear coefficients typical for such data structures, though ridiculously overparameterized, like so: