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GDPR Violations

R Markdown I love this intro photo from the tidyTuesday page. This week’s tidyTuesday data cover violations of the GDPR. gdpr_violations <- readr::read_tsv('') ## ## ── Column specification ──────────────────────────────────────────────────────── ## cols( ## id = col_double(), ## picture = col_character(), ## name = col_character(), ## price = col_double(), ## authority = col_character(), ## date = col_character(), ## controller = col_character(), ## article_violated = col_character(), ## type = col_character(), ## source = col_character(), ## summary = col_character() ## ) gdpr_text <- readr::read_tsv('https://raw.

A GeoFacet of Credit Quality

In previous work with Skip Krueger, we conceptualized bond ratings as a multiple rater problem and extracted measure of state level creditworthiness. I had always had it on my list to do something like this and recently ran across a package called geofacet that makes it simply to easy to do. So here goes. The code is below the post. library(haven) library(dplyr) Pew.Data <- read_dta(url("")) library(tidyverse) load(url("")) state.ratings <- data.

Pew Data on Bond Ratings and Rainy Day Funds

Pew on Rainy Day Funds and Credit Quality The Pew Charitable Trusts released a report last May (2017) that portrays rainy day funds that are well designed and deployed as a form of insurance against ratings downgrades. One the one hand, this is perfectly sensible because the alternatives do not sound like very good ideas. A poorly designed rainy day fund, for example, is going to have to fall short on either the rainy day or the fund.

Mapping with the Government Finance Database

The Government Finance Database Some of my colleagues (Kawika Pierson, Mike Hand, and Fred Thompson) have put together a convenient access point for the Government Finance data available from the Census. They published an article in PLoS One with the rationale; I want to build some maps from their project with extensible code and functions. The overall dataset is enormous. I have downloaded the whole thing and filtered out the states.